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As industry professionals we have been involved in both organising music for corporate events and performing in corporate event bands for many years, and know, that the success of an event depends greatly on how well the organisers match the entertainment to their guests needs. We’ve provided live music for major institutions and government departments over three decades including:

Visits of President Bill Clinton to Northern Ireland

Lord Mayors installation dinners at City Hall Belfast 

Functions for Queen’s University, University of Ulster, BVCB

The British, Irish and U.S. embassies in Dublin, London, Paris and Washington

2009 Ryder Cup celebrations in the presence of President George Bush Senior

Things to consider for your event

  • Is the music for background entertainment or is it the feature of the event?
  • Do you need one style of music for the early part of the event, e.g. a pianist for reception drinks, and the another style of music for later in the evening?
  • Is your event specifically to entertain your guests, or will there be business networking?
  • What is the age range of your guests?
  • Do you need anything special for children?
  • Will the musicians to move locations? e.g. reception drinks and then dinner in another room
  • Is the event indoors or outdoors?

Background Entertainment ?

Spectacle or Show ?

Background entertainment usually works to create an ambiance in the venue. This could involve some light jazz or classical music to add an air of sophistication to a room. This will create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for the guests to enjoy. Comfortable guests will socialise more easily and therefore enjoy the evening better.

Often the ‘big finish’ of a corporate event, the main act might be a big name band or well-known comedian. Big names give the impression of no expense spared, which often works to leave guests feeling special and looked after. Consider a tribute, function or big band  to get people moving on the dance floor. 


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